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The Faith of Evelyn Pearl Album Description


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Evelyn Pearl Stucky was born in 1932 and was raised by her adopted parents Dorman and Annie Stuckey in Ragged point on Twillingate Island in Newfoundland Canada.  She was called very early in life to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and save souls in his name. In her mid-teens she met a young man named James William Cooper and fell in love.  James was a devout United Church boy, and in those days, you could not marry someone of another denomination.  But James was so enamored with Evelyn that he decided to change denominations and become a Salvation Army soldier. With the blessing of Evelyn’s parents, the couple left for Salvation Army training college in 1953 to become ordained Officers.  They both Graduated college and were married in 1954. 

They quickly started their family and soon had 6 children: James, Trudy, Elizabeth, Dean, Cathy and Perry to share their lives.  They learned to sing and play instruments in church mainly out of necessity, as the smaller community churches they served had little if no music support.  James and Evelyn were very good officers in the church and soon found themselves being rewarded with ever larger churches and appointments, eventually becoming Territorial Evangelists for the Territory of Canada and Bermuda. 

Romantics still, they planned a retirement together in Florida and having raised their family, prepared to move to the warm south.  In 1996 Evelyn started showing signs of dementia and eventually was diagnosed with early onset Genetic Alzheimer’s.  This was devastating news to the entire family and indeed made some of us question why God would allow such a thing to happen to one of his most reverent followers and disciples. Our Father, now Major James Cooper, loved her so much that he cared for her alone for over 10 years. Then at our great disappointment we had to have her admitted to an Alzheimer’s Facility in Botwood Newfoundland. Her condition worsened and indeed came to the point of her not recognizing her own children and husband.  This was of course heartbreaking to all the family, but we still had faith that God had his hand in her life.  On February 7, 2011 our Beloved mother passed away and was promoted to glory. 
Her memorial was attended by hundreds of people and the church was overflowing with souls that had been touched and even saved by our mom's faithful work.  We met many people who attributed their success, sobriety and salvation to the mild but strong teachings of Major Evelyn Cooper.  It was an overwhelming period of joy and sadness that we celebrated her life!! At the service the 6 siblings performed together for the first time in many, many years.
The middle son Dean was so overwhelmed with this amazing reunion that he had a small idea to do a tribute album.

  Meanwhile, back in California; as a form of therapy to help him grieve the loss of his mother, Dean had started arranging and recording simple arrangements of Evelyn’s favorite Hymns and Spirituals. Amid tears of sadness and joy he began thinking of a way to get the family together to record.  This was a monumental logistical undertaking because we were all spread 6000 miles from the island of Newfoundland in Canada, to the coast of California in the USA.  Then the opportunity presented itself, when in 2016, Jamie Cooper, Evelyn’s first grandchild, got married in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since most of the siblings would be there, Dean contacted the husband of our cousin, Derek Pulliam.  Derek is an accomplished bass player, singer, arranger and recording engineer with a recording studio, Dog in the Window, in Calgary, only 3 hours’ drive from Edmonton.  Derek graciously said he would be honored to help us record the project, so we headed to Calgary. There 4 of the siblings and Major James recorded what would be the main vocal and instrument tracks of this record. Upon returning to his home in California, Dean realized we had to have the other missing siblings’ voices and instruments on this record, so, using the internet and modern recording technology Catherine’s Voice and Jim’s voice and instruments were recorded and added to the mix!  Dereks Bass was recorded in Calgary, Jamie’s drums were added in Edmonton, and the recording was complete.  Dean complied the tracks and mixed the record in California , the result is the album you are looking at today.  It is a true tribute to a Mother, Wife, Christian and fisher of men. We hope you enjoy it. Please help us celebrate the life of our beloved mom, and sing along to all her favorite songs!!

We have now begun the next record, The faith of Major James, songs our father taught us, a tribute to our Father.  To be released in the next year or two!! As soon as it is finished!! Thanks so much for your support.

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